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$5 Blu-ray from Frys.com

$5 Blu-ray Are Available Now at Frys (Frys.com) Free Shipping Available. Some Great Movies Available:

21 [Blu-ray] DD5.1
XXX [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
S.W.A.T. [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Little Man [Blu-ray] WSE 2/DD5.1
All the King’s Men [Blu-ray] WSE
RV [Blu-ray] WSE 2/DD5.1
Winged Migration [Blu-ray] DTHD/DD2
Hitch [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Running with Scissors [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Vertical Limit [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
The Tailor of Panama [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.0
Stranger Than Fiction [Blu-ray]
Catch and Release [Blu-ray] DD5.1
The Messengers [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Premonition [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Perfect Stranger [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
The Replacement Killers [Blu-ray] WSE DD2/DD5.1/2
Hostel Part II [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Hollow Man [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DD2
Daddy Day Camp [Blu-ray] DD5.1/DD2
The Legend of Zorro [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
We Own the Night [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Across the Universe [Blu-ray] DD5.1/DD2
First Sunday [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DD2
Anger Management [Blu-ray] DD2
So I Married an Axe Murderer [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
The Other Boleyn Girl [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DDS/DD2
Vantage Point [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
XXX: State of the Union [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DD2
7 Seconds [Blu-ray] DD5.1
Prom Night [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DD2
National Security [WS] [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Southland Tales [Blu-ray] DD2/DD5.1
Stranger Than Fiction [WS] [Special Edition] [Blu-ray] DD5.1/DD2/DDM2.0
Hostel [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DD2
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist [WS] [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
The Devil’s Own [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder [Blu-ray] DD5.1/DDS
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Quarantine [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1
Ghosts of Mars [Blu-ray] DTHD/DD5.1
The Grudge [Unrated] [Blu-ray] WSE DTHD
The One [Special Edition] [Blu-ray] DTHD/DD5.1
Are We Done Yet? [Blu-ray] WSE 2/DD5.1
It Could Happen to You [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DTHD
Untraceable [Blu-ray] DD5.1/DD2
Roxanne [WS] [Blu-ray] DTHD/DD5.1
Go [Blu-ray] WSE DTHD/DD2
No Way Back [WS] [Blu-ray] DHMA
The Quick and the Dead [Blu-ray] DTHD
The Craft [Blu-ray] WSE DHMA
The Last Action Hero [Blu-ray] WSE DD5.1/DHMA
Cliffhanger [Blu-ray] WSE DHMA/DD2
Universal Soldier: Regeneration [Blu-ray] WSE DHMA
Charlie’s Angels [Blu-ray] WSE DHMA/DD5.1/DD2
America’s National Treasures [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe/Gamera: Attack of the Legion [Blu-ray]
White Squall [Blu-ray]
Terminal Velocity [Blu-ray]
Spaghetti Western Double Feature: The Grand Duel/Keoma [Blu-ray]
New York Stories [Blu-ray] COLOR/WSE DHMA
National Parks Exploration Series: Yosemite – The High Sierras [Blu-ray]
National Parks Exploration Series: Grand Canyon – Wonder of the Natural World [Blu-ray]
Mr. Wrong [Blu-ray]
Holy Man [Blu-ray] DHMA
Gone Fishin’ [Blu-ray]
Duets [Blu-ray] DHMA/DD5.1/DD2
D.O.A. [Blu-ray] DHMA
Born Yesterday [Blu-ray]
Before and After [Blu-ray]

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